When Guru Gobind Singh Ji asked all Sikhs to adopt the Panj Kakkar – the 5 five articles of faith – he intended to give all Sikhs a uniform. In keeping these 5 things with us all the time, Guruji wanted us to always be reminded of who we are, of our duty to protect others, and of our commitment to one God. Guruji died because of his commitment to uphold these core principals of our faith.

Most of our fellow Americans don't know these important facts about Sikh history. They don't understand who Sikhs are, or why we wear our 5 K's. They also don't even know that we are the fifth largest religion in the world! People don't understand who Sikhs are, or why we wear our 5 K's. Sometimes, this ignorance leads people to make all sorts of assumptions about us, about our religion, and about our identity. The solution to this problem is to educate others about who we are. Each one of us should be proud of who we are - just as Guruji was proud of who he was! Use the resources and tips on this page to help you teach others about Sikhs.

Download these documents and presentations to help you explain Sikhism to others.
For more information, you can also take a look at the Sikh Coalition's Sikhism homepage.
Sikhism Presentation (3rd - 6th Grade)
If you’re in elementary school, you can use this presentation to teach your class more about Sikhs and who we are.
Class Presentation Talking Points
(3rd - 6th Grade)
Sikhism Presentation (7th - 12th Grade)
This presentation is specifically geared towards high school students who are studying about world history or world religions in school.
Class Presentation Talking Points
(7th - 12th Grade)
The Sikhs Brochure
You can print out and distribute this primer on Sikhs to people in class.
The Sikhs Brochure SPANISH
Use this brochure if you're in a bilingual school or are learning Spanish. Make it a double educational tool!
Commonly Asked Questions about Sikhism
To prepare yourself for some of the questions your classmates might ask, take a look at the list of common questions and answers about Sikhs.
Dastaar Video
You can show this short video in class or to your friends as part of a presentation.
Challenging Common Misconceptions about Sikhism
Sometimes people ask questions about common stereotypes of Sikhs. Here are some good answers that you can even pass out to your audience.
Pop Quiz
Have your audience take this short pop quiz before you tell them about Sikhs. It helps people understand how little they really know about you.
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