Who is Kuldeep?
Who is Kuldeep?

Why did you decide to make this film (or participate in making this film)?
I decided to partake in this film after talking to my family about the general publics misconception and lack of understanding about Sikh youth post 9/11.

Were all the people in the film friends of yours?
No, in this film, I only knew the people filmed at the housing location and during the sports session. The interviews about my appearance and look were from total strangers who were stopped after observing me.

How did you get involved with the film’s producer?
My aunt asked me to write a paragraph about myself as the producer wanted to do a piece on a young Sikh American individual after 9/11.

How have other people reacted to this film?
I have been told by numerous individuals that the movie provided a glimpse in the life of a young Sikh American. In addition, many Sikh parents and children have told me that the movie inspired them to be proud of their appearance, their culture and their religion.

What’s the most important message you see in this movie for post-9/11 America?
This movie demonstrates the misconceptions that are prevalent in American society post-9/11. However, through education and increased awareness we are able to teach others about our Sikh culture and religion. In the end, we are all Americans uniting together to live in a peaceful and harmonious community.
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