Magic in Sikhi
Vikram the Magician

Where and when did you find out about your inner magician?

I had my first experience with magic in kindergarten. The Principal at my school was a magician, and she performed in our class. When I attempted to achieve the same effect as her, I couldn't. After that, I was determined to become a magician as well, and really be able to do those things. A few years later a man by the name of Satkirtan Singh taught me some magic tricks and from there on I just kept going!

What do you enjoy most about this talent of yours?

I enjoy many things about magic. It is a great way to introduce yourself, and make friends. Magic has also helped me gain a good reputation. I enjoy this thrill when performing in front of people, because there is always the risk of messing up. The best part is when you can feel accomplishment because you have succeeded. My favorite element of performing magic is the reactions I get. I am just as entertained by the way in which people react as they are from my tricks.

What challenges have you faced in this field as a Sikh?

Fortunately, I have not faced many challenges in this field as a Sikh. My position in this case is just as difficult as any other magician. In order to get shows booked, you need to get your name out. But in order to get your name out, you need to do shows. It's a continuously improving cycle, and I'm well on my way! This has really been possible because of all the support I have received from the Sikh Community. I have faced opposition from a few individuals, who do not understand my intent in this art. I am not claiming magical powers, it is only a method of entertainment. However, most Sikhs are very enthusiastic about my magic.

Why did you choose to focus on these magical talents?
I believe my skills in magic help tie together my interests. My website is largely focused on magic as well. Firstly, Magic is one of my bigger interests. The rest are also very enjoyable, but none of them have taken me as far as my magic has. Although some people might be impressed by my graphics or inventions, its the magic that really stuns them. The other reason is that magic is a very unique hobby, as opposed to graphic designing or something else. Since it is so unique, other people appreciate it more, and in turn, I do too.

Do you have any advice or words of encouragement for younger generations?

There are a few things everyone should remember. First of all, never give up. I'm sure most people have heard this before, but we need to realize how important perseverance really is. The only way we are going to get anywhere is if we keep trying. Secondly, be brave. Having courage doesn't mean you don't get scared; even if you feel scared you need to be able to deal with it. Being brave is the ability to face your fears. Even when the going gets tough, don't be afraid. Lastly, be proud of who you are. Sikhs are great people Don't forget our amazing Gurus, or our ancestors and what they did for us. We should wear our Dastaars with pride, because we are the sons and daughters of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Remember, we represent the next generation of the Khalsa, so lets live up to it!

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