Have you met the Singh Twins?
The Singh Twins are professional artists that use their talent and passion to express their ideas and opinions. Learn about how Sikhi has influenced their masterpieces.

Have you met J.D. Singh?
Jagdeep 'J.D.' Singh is a competitive car racer who has a need for speed. Learn about his passion for cars and what matters to him most on and off the race track.


Have you met Guru Singh?
Guru Singh is a Sikh actor and director who is taking his passion for theatre, movies, and music to professional levels. Find out about his artisic style and how he overcame obstacles as a Sardar in the entertainment industry!

Have you met Hoodini?
Jagmeet Singh a.k.a. Hoodini is a Sikh rapper who lives in Los Angeles, CA. Learn how he has used artistic expression to educate others about Sikhism.


Have you ever met a Sikh teacher?
Ajeet Singh Matharu is a US History teacher at a high school in Brooklyn, NY. Check out his video and interview to see just how rewarding being a teacher is. He is proud to be Sikh and tries to use his profession as a way to educate students and teachers alike about wearing a turban and being Sikh.

Mandeep Sethi?
Mandeep Sethi is a young Sikh who started rapping as a child and ultimately combined his love for music with his passion for his religion and his people. Mandeep makes it a point to rap about the oppression and prejudice that occurs with minorities. Check out his video and watch this bold Sikh talk about the things that matter to him the most.


Who is G.N.E.?
G.N.E. is a group of musicians, poets, and producers who utilize their music to both relay their views of today's world as well as enlighten others about Sikhi. Not only do they empower Sikhs and spread awareness, but they also address key concerns and issues in our society.

Have you seen the Sikh model for Kenneth Cole?
You heard it; Sonny Caberwal, a young Sikh professional, has modeled for the well-known Kenneth Cole! Read about what he does and how he came to model for their "We All Walk In Different Shoes" campaign.


Vikram the Magician
Has magic always intrigued you? Ever seen it done by Vikram Singh Khalsa? Click here to learn how Vikram's hobby - magic - helps support him as a Sikh!

Just 2 Live Another Day
If you've never heard of L-Fresh, you're in for a surprise. Check out his music video to hear an Australian rapper tell the story of the Sikhs.


Who is Kuldeep?
Watch the hit video now about Kuldeep and what he does every day living life as a Sikh teen in Los Angeles.

Why Do You Wear A Turban?
Looking for a good reason? Check out a few of these from Sikh boys and girls around the country. This is a terrific video to show in class or to a large group learning about Sikhs.

Kirpans at UC Berkeley
Two UC Berkeley students were expelled from their dining hall for wearing their kirpans. Watch them explain how they felt and what they did about it.

This film presents the struggle of the Sikh American community against discrimination and violence, caused by ignorance about an essential symbol of the Sikh faith -- the dastaar, or turban.






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