"We all walk in different shoes" - Kenneth Cole
Sonny Caberwal

When did you first realize that you wanted to get law

I decided to go to law school while I was in college- I
knew it would give me a good skill set that I could
utilize, no matter what I chose to do in life.

What do you currently do for your career and what challenges have you faced as a Sikh in your field?

I used to practice corporate law; now I actually do
business development for startup companies, where I
utilize my law degree, but am not practicing law in a
traditional sense. In business, as with any corporate lifestyle,
you face a lot of challenges, but those are going to be
different for everyone- some people are more friendly and
outgoing, and some are more quiet and reserved.  Its just
important for people to do a great job and be as valuable
as you can to your company, and at the same time have fun
with what you're doing...

How did you come to model for Kenneth Cole and why did you ultimately choose to do so?

Kenneth Cole had solicited an agency, and that agency sent
a request out to various Sikh orgs looking for sardars who
fit a certain profile.  I got the email forwarded to me
from my brother-in-law, sent in a picture, and am proud to
be able to represent the Sikh identity.  There are two
reasons I really wanted to do this: 1) I want to help
portray a positive image of a turbaned Sikh to help make a
positive impact for our Sikh community, and 2) I wanted to
help get out the word to both our younger Sikh kids and
the greater society that wearing a turban and keeping up
the Sikh tradition is something that I'm very proud of and
consider to be an honor and privilege, and think there's a
lot of positivity that the Sikh identity can add to your

What advice would you give to our younger Sikhs about
being professionals and a part of the work world?

Be proud, work hard, and find something you can be excited
and passionate about- when you're good at what you do
professionally, you will succeed regardless of the small
obstacles that come in your way.

What steps have you taken to strengthen Sikhi in younger generations? What would you recommend for kids to do?

I've served as a counselor at a Sikh camp (Lohgarh
retreat), and would love to be as helpful as I can to any
Sikh kid that needs help.  If anyone needs some help or
advice, they can reach out to me directly at

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